Notes from John – May 23, 2021

The normally quiet and serene meadow at HollyHedge resounded to the spirited sound of Indian music, drums and a chorus of happy people singing on Saturday. HollyHedge was hosting the first Indian wedding of the year and the music accompanied the Baraat procession, or the arrival of the bridegroom and his family and friends as they formed a colorful parade through the lower part of the property. The Groom and his party made their way to the Courtyard at Holly Hedge, where the bride and her entourage were waiting under a splendid canopy for the wedding formalities and the following celebrations. It was a perfect weekend to celebrate, and the couple looked amazing in their traditional clothing. So happy we were all able to witness the celebration and share in the couple’s big day!

To learn more about weddings at HollyHedge.

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