A bride standing under a gazebo with a view of a pond, fountain, and bridge in a wooded area.

Notes from John – June 3

From our kitchen window we can see the upper part of the Estate, down the valley and into the front forest. Last week everything looked a little tired and in need of a good soak. It was as if Summer had already begun and Spring had gone away for the year. What a difference a rain makes! Last week’s downpours did little to spoil the fun for the guests at our three weddings. However, I did feel for the staff, valet parking and keeping everyone supplied with food and beverages, in all that rain and cold. But I digress – looking out of the window this week all I can see is a very dense green world of plants growing vigorously. In the case of our nearby pear tree, its fruit are rapidly swelling and looking more and more tempting as the weeks go by. I think we are all looking forward to the arrival of the local summer fruits, which are always so much fresher and sweeter than the packaged material available for the rest of the year.

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