A bride and groom held in a loving embrace, surrounded by hedges and shrubs with sunlight peeking through.

HollyHedge Featured on RusticBride.com

We love the vibe and aesthetic of the folks over at Rustic Bride. So we are very excited they decided to feature HollyHedge on their site. We never want to make anyone cry…except possibly tears of joy…but it is a wonderful honor to be part of their beautiful site.  The Rustic Bride site has amazing tips on rustic wedding ideas, and is full of the latest trends on Country, Farm and Barn weddings across the country.  We love that they accentuate the historic, rustic charm of the places they feature. We super excited to be partnered with them.

Learn more about hosting your own gorgeous wedding at HollyHedge. Or contact our event coordinators to start planning your own rustic dream wedding today.

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