An orange drink in a glass, with ice and a lemon wedge.

Green Weddings

We’ve written before about easy steps you can take to green your wedding and mitigate the environmental impact of your big celebration.  HollyHedge is very excited about our latest effort to help our couple’s reduce the non-biodegradable waste going into the world. We have made a move at all of our properties to eliminate plastic straws. So, starting September 2018, no more plastic stirrers…no more plastic drink straws…we’re joining other industry leaders in making the move to paper.  We are thrilled to be able to use Aardvark Straws and wood stirrers made from recycled materials for all our cocktail and beverage service moving forward.  It may seem like this is a tiny move…but we want to do our part to help eliminate one of the largest, single-use pollutants into our water stream.  Part of our mission is to be good stewards of our land and history, and we are thrilled to take this step to make that happen. We’re so glad that Aardvark Straws has decided to manufacture their paper straws in the United States, and has created a cost-competitive product that can be used by both the hospitality industry and home consumers. Help HollyHedge continue to go green and eliminate single-use plastic straws from your daily routine.

Check out more about our efforts to Green the Estate. Or learn how you can plan your own environmentally-friendly wedding at the Estate.

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