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Pig roasts are an unforgettable summer tradition and a cause for celebration in many different cultures. They are also the perfect way to wow your guests at a rehearsal dinner or wedding.

While popular in many different cultures, pig roasts are typically associated with Hawaiian, Caribbean, Philippine and Southern families and traditions. They usually involve a whole pig roasting over an open fire on a rotating spit during the event so guests can enjoy the sights, smells and sounds.

Here at HollyHedge we like to make the pig roast tradition our own. Recently, at the Greaney & Manuatu wedding, we had a pig roasting right outside our New Barn reception space for guests to enjoy.

We also host pig roasts at The 1740 House for rehearsal dinners and other smaller events. The roasts create a perfect atmosphere for your guests to socialize and have a fun (and delicious) time to celebrate any occasion.


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