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We are proud to announce the completion of HollyHedge’s solar installation project with our new 90, 230-watt panel installation. We owe a huge thanks to the crew from Heat Shed, who not only installed the system, but also designed it. Their work kept the surrounding environment in mind, minimizing the impact from the installation. No concrete was poured and no heavy machinery was used; it was all clever design, the right equipment and a hard working crew. Using 78 feet by 21feet of space, we are now creating a potential of 25,000 kwh (kilowatt-hours) of energy annually. This offsets our electric consumption of the reception barn, where we hold many of our events. We also anticipate live tracking to monitor our solar production. We are happy that by producing solar power, we are positively impacting the world around us and providing brides and grooms with a greener wedding. We hope all of our customers share our excitement and our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. Hoo -RAY!

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