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We are still coming down off our emotional high of our Daughter’s wedding at Holly Hedge Estate. The day was perfect and the event was even better. We are simple folks that desired to have a fairy tale wedding for our daughter Abby & new son Shane.
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Let me start by saying wow. Crazy awesome job. We’ve been hearing nothing but compliments on you guys, your venue, the accommodations, food, staff, organization, bar, rooms, you name it – we’ve gotten super positive feedback on it. What was essentially the most stressful and busy day of our lives turned out to flow way smoother than we anticipated and it’s all thanks to you! Even though it’s only been two weeks, we’re already looking back on the day wishing we were there again. Rain or not, it was the single best day of our lives and we’re so happy we were able to spend it with you all.
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Mike and I just wanted to say thank for making our wedding day the most perfect day possible! Not sure what we would have done without your wisdom and input! You kept us calm, collected and on track! Thank you for working with us to ensure all of our wants and requirements were met and assisting with putting up decorations! You made Mike and I feel welcomed and special and not like we were just another wedding. We definitely appreciated you taking the time to check in throughout the day to ensure we had everything we needed. I tell everyone that you are seriously some of the nicest people that I had ever met.