Collage of two Jewish brides getting married underneath a wooden canopy in traditional clothing.

We are so happy that Abby and Ellen chose to tie the knot at HollyHedge this winter.  Check out some really lovely photos of their wedding from CalviSoffa Studios,  a new vendor with whom are team really enjoyed working.  There were no shortage of really personal touches that Abby and Ellen brought to their celebration – but our favorite was their homemade chuppah…and perhaps the really decadent and delicious Viennese Table that they had:)  We are so happy that we were able to be part of their magical celebration.  Since HollyHedge began hosting weddings nearly 25 years ago, we have always supported love and marriage rights within the LGBTQ community – we are just so pleased that marriage equality is now recognized throughout the country.

If you’re interested in celebrating your own wedding at HollyHedge Estate, please contact our Event Coordinators to begin planning your dream wedding today.

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