Beige stone building with a red star and two green doors, landscape covered in snow.

We are incredibly blessed to work with some really amazing and talented vendors, who we consider partners and friends.  This year, as in years past, a number of local florists volunteered their time and expertise to help us bring the holidays to HollyHedge Estates.  We are so grateful to the wonderful folks at Carousel Flowers for decorating the living room and library of the Main Inn House, Mark Bryan Designs and the Pod Shop for decorating the Old Barn and our beautiful reception hall.  They’ve made sure that all our visitors this season – be they Inn guests or Wedding attendees – will get to celebrate amidst gorgeous seasonal decor.  Each of the florists are also work with us throughout the year, often providing the gorgeous centerpieces and other decorations for our brides and grooms.  You can find contact information for the Pod Shop, Mark Bryan Designs and Carousel Flowers – along with all our other partners – through our Partner Vendor page.


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