Asparagus plants, zoomed in.
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With spring comes the flowering of our lovely old Weeping Cherry tree outside the main house of the inn. This year includes new additions, too. The young apple trees were an early addition, bringing simple white blossoms to the fields.Our established blueberry bushes set forth with gusto, preparing for hundreds of little berries with hundreds of little white, bell-shaped flowers.But with spring comes plenty of work (hence the delay in this post). New beds were dug in preparation for endless vegetables for the kitchen just as our asparagus came peeping through the mulch.New beds were also dug for grape vines so we could expand our vineyard. Black plastic mulch was laid to discourage weeds and eliminate the need to spray herbicides. The plastic mulch also warms the soil which heat loving grapes enjoy.As of late spring, the plants looked healthy and full of promise. And a bird has even moved into one of our gourd houses, where he has taken up watching over the orchard, preying on nuisance bugs. And the peas are happily creeping up, up and up.

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