A backhoe scooping up a large pile of dirt.

Composting is a simple step that leads to gardening success. Each winter we make sure we tend to the composting. Throughout the year, anything biodegradable goes into the compost, which mainly includes kitchen scraps, animal by-products (like egg shells), and brush or garden debris that the goats or chickens won’t eat.

When you are working with 20 acres in heavily forested areas of Pennsylvania, that adds up to a lot of leaves! Shredded, they create a heavy insulating layer that traps the heat and speeds up the decomposition of all biodegradable products. The art to composting is making sure that you’re getting a healthy decomposition. Every now and then, the pile gets turned, adding oxygen to the equation, which also speeds up the decomposition.

In the spring, the compost is added to the vegetable gardens – creating the rocket fuel that propels our fruit, vegetable, herbs and flower growth.

HollyHedge Composting Bucket HollyHedge Compost Pile

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