Green leaves and vines from a plant.

As the inaugural post on the HollyHedge Going Green Blog, we wanted to catch people up on all the things that have been happening over the last year. The spring saw a lot of preparation work. Ten+ raised beds were dug, ready for planting once the frost date past. The plants themselves were started early in the spring, both indoors and in the greenhouse. We planted summer squash, a medley of herbs, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, beans, a mix of hot peppers, pumpkins, winter squash, gourds, eggplants, and lots of marigolds.


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By the end of the summer and fall, our first full growing season had taught us quite a bit. We had learned quite a lot, and had a great deal of produce to show for our effort. Perhaps most exciting – or intoxicating – was taking the grapes and pressing them to make our first ever vintage of wine. Gourds and tomatoes also seemed to thrive and prove that the work we were putting into prepping the beds was having a result.


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